EV | Ergonomic Violin

Australian Design Awards®, iF Concept Award

EV is an innovative high-end electric violin designed to suit the player, both in personality and ergonomically. Its lightweight carbon fibre body is durable, with a sleek and versatile appearance to couple with a range of detachable frames. These frames are interchangeable, making EV a stylistically customizable violin, to suit the player’s persona or the setting of the performance.

The interchangeable frames, include a ‘self-supporting’ option, where the player no longer needs to grip the instrument under the chin to hold it whilst playing. This eliminates the long-standing problem of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) in violinists' necks and shoulders.

The component of this frame which sits around the players neck, and the lip which curves around the shoulder, are made from a high-tech Shape-Memory Polymer. This allows players to conform the shape of the frame to their own body dimensions at the critical comfort areas. The re-shaping of the frame is a reversible process and may be changed as often as required.

EV acknowledges the many facets of a player’s individuality. It exists as both a solution to an ergonomic problem, and a celebration of the colourful personalities of violinists.

Australian Design Awards